Neutron Irradiation

Neutron irradiation is a neutron exposure process to determine the impact of radiation on materials properties and device performance. MNRC specializes in four techniques based on neutron irradiation: Radiation Hardness Testing, Neutron Activation Analysis, Isotope Production, and Plant Seed Mutagenesis


MNRC houses multiple facilities to perform neutron irradiation. These include in-core,and out-of-core areas as well as the neutron imaging bays allowing to accommodate a wide variety of sample shapes and sizes.

The in-core facilities include one central irradaition facility (CIF)and one pneumatic transfer system (PTS). The pneumatic transfer system exposes the sample to the in-core flux and automatically returns the sample to a controlled ventilated experimental hood. A typical neutron spectrum for these facilities is shown below.

The in-tank out-of-core facilities include fast neutron irradiation facility (NIF) with an Environmental Exposure Vessel and more than 10 general-purpose irradiation locations.

  Typical Neutron Spectrum for In-Core Irradiations